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Since 1916, from it's original location in London, Stewart, a third generation family owned business has provided experts as professional consultants to clients regarding the purchase and sale of fine art, collectibles and related items. Our expert staff can keep clients fully informed of all changes and trends in the marketplace.

With many years of knowledge, passed down from his Grandfather, Father and continuous education, Andrew Morris has utilized his expertise to run and expand the family business since 1974. Stewart has recently broadened their markets to include fine jewelry, modern and contemporary art and furniture.


We offer appraisal services for charity, probate, insurance, equal distribution and other purposes. Our professional, certified and experienced personal are qualified to appraise entire estates or single items of significance.

Written appraisals are provided through personal inspection of the item or by transmittal of photographs and pertinent information sent via e-mail or our appraisal submission page. This page can be accessed by clicking the image to the left.

We offer USPAP certified appraisers through the American Society of Appraisers.


 Stewart Antiques is extremely interested in acquiring 18th, 19th and 20th Century American & European Art, Antique and Estate Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Fine Furniture and Collectibles. We are eager to acquire and we will pay cash for an entire estate or a single item. The time is right as we are consigning now for an upcoming auction


Auctions and Estates

Stewart Antiques' auction and estate sale services are geared to the client's objective. Individual items may be consigned to one of our upcoming auctions or to our retail gallery in Beverly Hills. Estates can be efficiently disposed of either through auction or an estate sale at a residential location. Stewart Antiques will value the estate, select an appropriate date and venue, fully staff the event, price each item and arrange appropriate marketing, which may include local, national or international advertising.